Here at Fedurco Drainage Solutions Ltd in Surrey, London and throughout the UK we have drain lining and drain relining experts on hand to deliver non-invasive repairs of cracked or damaged drainage systems and pipes.

Our CIPP (Cured-In-Place Piping) solutions are particularly cost-effective because we do not need to excavate a damaged section of pipe in order to repair it. We essentially create a new pipe inside of the old one from a resin-filled sock, adhering to the contours of the damaged pipe’s interior and hardening it to form a new, more solid structure. This simple and quick solution yields impressive long-term results.


Identifying the type and location of damage in a pipe used to be a painstaking process, but with the recent development of CCTV surveying, we can now get to the root of the problem almost instantly. After removing any debris through high-pressure water jetting or any other descaling method, we feed a resin-filled sock into the pipe until the damaged section is covered.

We then activate a pressure pump that expands the sock outward to conform to the contours of the pipe. The resin then sets and hardens, leaving your pipe good as new.

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Fedurco Drainage Solutions Ltd. is a local company, dedicated to providing our community with the best drainage services available. Modern re-lining methods drastically reduce the material and labour costs needed to repair drainage systems, and we'll pass those savings directly on to you.

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  • Patch lining
  • All drain patching work

We pride ourselves on an honest and upfront approach to customer service. You can rest easy knowing that our prices are fair and that the results are going to be exactly what you’re looking for.

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